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Quick Start

This will explain how to get a nexus application up and running using an existing module pretty quickly.


Node v12 is being used (Nexus is tested with v12+ though it should work with version 8+)


Setup Project Directory

$ mkdir myapp; cd myapp
$ npm init
$ npm install --save @nexus-switchboard/nexus-core @nexus-switchboard/nexus-mod-liveness

Add Nexus Configuration

$ touch .nexus

In file .nexus add this:

  "rootUri": "/",
  "connections": [],
  "modules": {
    "nexus-mod-liveness": {
      "scope": "nexus-switchboard",
      "config": {}

Add Nexus Code

In file index.js, add the following:


And in package.json under the scripts key add these items:

"dev": "node index.js --inspect",
"start": "node index.js",

Start the App

$ npm run dev

Test It Out

In your browser, go to:


And you should see a JSON response.